Get The Look

Today I bring you a Living Room, designed by Atlanta Based firm The Design Atelier, that I have been drooling over for a while.  I first saw it on COCOCOZY and I’ve loved it ever since.  Their use of a simple color palette, casual but chic furnishings and symmetry….simply heaven!  I love that the walls are white but the paneling gives it architectural interest.

cococozy living space

Love it, too?!  Now you can…..

Get The Look. Living Room 1

Chandelier // Art // Chest // Mirror // Plant // Lamp // Cocktail Table // Chairs // Bench // Rug

Do you love “Get The Look”?!  Stay tuned to my blog for more!


Wine Wednesday

wine wednesday

You’re halfway there!!  It’s Wednesday!!  Wine Wednesday to be exact.  What’s your favorite wine?  Mine is a Malbec.  In particular, this one….called “1” ironically by AntigalAntigal 1 malbec

It pours dark and inky in the glass, with tobacco and leather notes. Dark berry flavors follow.  Simply divine.  I’ve even managed to get my best friend addicted!  And she’s a wine guru!

Remember about five years ago when Pinot Noir was the biggest trend in wines?  Don’t get me wrong, I still love La Crema Pinot but I have a fixation on Malbecs right now.  Malbecs have a dense and dark full-bodied richness that few other grapes besides maybe Cabernet Sauvignon or warm-climate Syrah can mimic.   Although the grape originated in France, it flourishes in Argentina where it just surges.  Their climate allows for the flavors to be polished, structured, and concentrated.   Typical characteristic notes are blackberry, plum, leather, and pepper.  A great partner to a medium rare steak!

In addition to my favorite Malbec, here are a couple of others I recommend that you try:

catena zapata

Catena Zapata

pascual toso malbec

Pascual Toso Alta Reserve

Tomero malbec



Do you have any other Malbec recommendations for me to try?!



photo 1

{This is AJ, the chimpanzee}

Happy Monday!!  Here at the “ranch” we are doing some necessary pruning…and by pruning, I mean cutting down TEN trees in the backyard!!  I don’t need to tell my fellow Arkansans how crazy the weather can be from one day to the next!  Having these swaying back and forth in even the mildest of thunderstorm is a little nerve racking.   With so many within feet of the house, it was bound to happen that one or more would fall on the house in the next storm.   There are about eight tree service men in my backyard to do the job.  They are equipped with a bazillion ropes, chainsaws, a few packs of smokes, and great senses of humor.  And one of those cute little diggers.

photo (5)

This little entertainment today had me thinking of woodsy and rustic interiors.

Here are a few inspiring spaces that I just love!!

barnwood and orange

{image: The Little Corner}

barnwood and upholstered bed

{image: Decorpad}

black and white dining

{image: Pinterest}

red bookcase

{image: Pinterest}


{image: Pinterest}


{image: Pinterest}


There’s just something inspiring about the rustic style mixed with modern and chic details.  I’ve put together a bedroom concept, inspired from today’s entertaining events:

OB-Woodsy Bedroom 2

Bed // Bedside Chest // Lamps // Art // Trunk // Gray Pillows // Bird Pillows // Orange+White Pillows //

Chandelier // Striped Drapes

Have a great week!


PS– it was eleven trees officially.  ELEVEN.  Now there’s room for a pool…. 🙂

Comfort Food

cancelled today

It all started Monday night….deep pain in my left side of my chest, back and shoulder.  I have a high threshold for pain, mind you.  I’m not a hypochondriac  but I did start to fear the worst:  chest pain, left side, tingly arm…..uh oh, heart problem.  So I contemplate going to the ER at 2am but talk myself out of it and think it is just severe heartburn.  So I watched hour after hour of quality tv (aka Law and Order) until it was time for my doctor’s office to open.  I call and thank the Lord they were able to get me in within an hour of calling.  I beeline it to see what the doc has to say.  After sitting in the newly-renovated waiting room, of course I’m evaluating the selections, they finally call me back.   The next hour involves an ice-cold stethoscope, EKG test, sitting in another waiting room in a tank top and sports bra (brrr) and finally chest and shoulder x-rays.  Mr. Doctor diagnoses me with pleurisy and tendinitis.   I thought, whew, not a heart problem.  I’d hate to know what that kind of chest pain feels like.    I could have sworn I was having legit chest pain, it was that bad.   So, I fill my prescriptions and I’m off to watch reruns and DVR’d shows to try and sleep off the pain.  Every breath hurt.  Every single one.  Meds finally kick in and I had dinner plans with a few childhood friends and couldn’t wait to catch up!  It’s amazing how the pain subsides when I sit up, spend an evening with those two dear friends and Maddie’s restaurant is involved….

This situation brings me to the main reason of my post:

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie.

pot pie

This is my one of my all time favorite cold-weather and I-don’t-feel-so-good foods.  My mom made this as a family dinner one night and all I have to say is, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t give it a whirl.  It is truly homemade.  To every last ingredient.

But we cheat on the crust 🙂

Here’s how it goes:


Here’s hoping for a pain-free rest of the week and weekend!!


Weekend Finds

This weekend I went to a local antique store/flea market, on the hunt for some good finds and something with a story.  I never know what I’m going to find!!  As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure…..and that couldn’t be more true.   Here are a few photos of what I found…

furniture finds header

bench and chair



accessory finds header

photo 3

photo 2


on trend finds header

emerald and lanterns

flatware and coral jade


random finds


What does this have to do with Presidents Day you ask?!

I’m a history junkie and love to watch shows and read about the White House furnishings and collection of antiques.

I have a few favorites of my own:


Rosewood Bed in the Lincoln Bedroom

{image: White House Historical Association}

jfk and jfk jr oval office desk px 65-105227


Kennedy’s Resolute Desk

{image: JFKLibrary}



China Collection

{image: White House Museum}



Grant’s Treaty Table

Did you know it has eight drawers so the eight cabinet members could lock away important documents?  The treaty that ended the Spanish American war was signed on this desk!


{image: White House Museum}



Bellange Chairs, The Blue Room

{image: White House Museum}

What are your favorite Presidential antique pieces?

Happy Monday!