Sunday Funday

It’s Sunday and I have a big dilemma.  I mean BIG.  Borderline emergency and in need of what I should do about it.


The Grammy’s




I’m really struggling between flipping back and forth or DVR’ing one and watching it later.  But I can’t do the last option.  I can’t stand the anticipation of what the celebs are going to strut down the red carpet (you know, with the whole new dress code and all) and the wedding of Amanda Clark and Jack and what Emily Thorne is going to do about that little union.  I have 30 minutes to figure out what to do.  So in the meantime, I found a little humor in what it would be like if the cast of Revenge were to attend the Grammy’s before and after the dress code:

….yes, I know, they aren’t Grammy artists or anything.  But…..



Sans battle wounds of course.

Wish me luck,


PS–I would throw in the mix, Downton Abbey, but I have come to terms I can watch it while eating breakfast.



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