Laissez les Bon Temps….Design!

So today is FAT TUESDAY!!!    I live vicariously through all of my Louisiana friends because this is by far one of the most entertaining holidays of the year.  Parades, food, beads, masks, music….oh my goodness!

Now, what does Fat Tuesday have in common with Design?  I’ll show you!


{image: designbright}

Most of us have seen the Pantone Colors of the Year for Spring 2013.  Notice anything?  Right there–Emerald, Lemon Zest and African Violet!!  Well how ’bout that!  Mardi Gras colors…..

I began thinking how these exciting colors relate to interiors.  Okay, stay with me here…. I don’t intend to point out how you can use ALL THREE of these colors together.  No no, I’m not that literal.  But, you’d be surprised how often you see these colors throughout interiors!!

Pantone Emerald & Lemon Zest



green and yellow

{images: Pinterest}


Pantone African Violet & Emerald


emerald and violet

{image: Pinterest}


African Violet & Lemon Zest



lemon and violet

violet and lemon zest

*remember, gold reads like yellow, too 🙂

{images: Pinterest}


Pantone Tender Shoots & African Violet (well, close-to 🙂  )


{image: Pinterest}

How would you incorporate some purple, gold and green in your home?


Happy Mardi Gras, ya’ll!!



p.s.  I could really go for some king cake right now!!!

*See recipe for king cake  under  “Foodie” menu on my home page.


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