On the Cutting Edge

stencil header

If you haven’t heard of Cutting Edge Stencils, you are missing out!!  I’ve been following them for a while and can’t wait to put some to use.  They are reusable, easy to use and cost effective, too.  There is such a broad variety of patterns that there’s something for everyone.  You could stencil your walls, ceiling, floors….but have you ever thought about stenciling fabric, rugs or even furniture?!  They even have special stencils for that!

Here are a few examples of their fabulous stencils:

At first glance, this next pattern will seem really bold….. but check out how different it looks applied two different ways:

covington stencil

Covington All Over

Stencils on a rug?  Absolutely!!


antico stencilAntico


But, if you’re looking for a chevron or herringbone, you’re in luck!!  Check out these hot patterns!

chevron stencils

Retro Flame StitchHerringbone AlloverIkat Zig Zag


Have you ever wanted a window treatment but the pattern you love doesn’t come in the right shade of yellow for your Kitchen?  Give one of these stencils a try on solid plain fabric and voila!  You have your very own custom shade of trellis fabric!!

trellis allover stencil

Trellis Allover


I’m going to pick a stencil and do my own little DIY to put these to the test!  Stay tuned to my blog for an update on my progress.  Who knows what I’ll stencil………




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