Weekend Finds

This weekend I went to a local antique store/flea market, on the hunt for some good finds and something with a story.  I never know what I’m going to find!!  As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure…..and that couldn’t be more true.   Here are a few photos of what I found…

furniture finds header

bench and chair



accessory finds header

photo 3

photo 2


on trend finds header

emerald and lanterns

flatware and coral jade


random finds


What does this have to do with Presidents Day you ask?!

I’m a history junkie and love to watch shows and read about the White House furnishings and collection of antiques.

I have a few favorites of my own:


Rosewood Bed in the Lincoln Bedroom

{image: White House Historical Association}

jfk and jfk jr oval office desk px 65-105227


Kennedy’s Resolute Desk

{image: JFKLibrary}



China Collection

{image: White House Museum}



Grant’s Treaty Table

Did you know it has eight drawers so the eight cabinet members could lock away important documents?  The treaty that ended the Spanish American war was signed on this desk!


{image: White House Museum}



Bellange Chairs, The Blue Room

{image: White House Museum}

What are your favorite Presidential antique pieces?

Happy Monday!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Finds

  1. Margaret Nixon says:

    A fun outing to the “antique mall” – and I LOVE your presidential posts!! We must visit the WH the next time we’re in DC.

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