Comfort Food

cancelled today

It all started Monday night….deep pain in my left side of my chest, back and shoulder.  I have a high threshold for pain, mind you.  I’m not a hypochondriac  but I did start to fear the worst:  chest pain, left side, tingly arm…..uh oh, heart problem.  So I contemplate going to the ER at 2am but talk myself out of it and think it is just severe heartburn.  So I watched hour after hour of quality tv (aka Law and Order) until it was time for my doctor’s office to open.  I call and thank the Lord they were able to get me in within an hour of calling.  I beeline it to see what the doc has to say.  After sitting in the newly-renovated waiting room, of course I’m evaluating the selections, they finally call me back.   The next hour involves an ice-cold stethoscope, EKG test, sitting in another waiting room in a tank top and sports bra (brrr) and finally chest and shoulder x-rays.  Mr. Doctor diagnoses me with pleurisy and tendinitis.   I thought, whew, not a heart problem.  I’d hate to know what that kind of chest pain feels like.    I could have sworn I was having legit chest pain, it was that bad.   So, I fill my prescriptions and I’m off to watch reruns and DVR’d shows to try and sleep off the pain.  Every breath hurt.  Every single one.  Meds finally kick in and I had dinner plans with a few childhood friends and couldn’t wait to catch up!  It’s amazing how the pain subsides when I sit up, spend an evening with those two dear friends and Maddie’s restaurant is involved….

This situation brings me to the main reason of my post:

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie.

pot pie

This is my one of my all time favorite cold-weather and I-don’t-feel-so-good foods.  My mom made this as a family dinner one night and all I have to say is, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t give it a whirl.  It is truly homemade.  To every last ingredient.

But we cheat on the crust 🙂

Here’s how it goes:


Here’s hoping for a pain-free rest of the week and weekend!!



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