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{This is AJ, the chimpanzee}

Happy Monday!!  Here at the “ranch” we are doing some necessary pruning…and by pruning, I mean cutting down TEN trees in the backyard!!  I don’t need to tell my fellow Arkansans how crazy the weather can be from one day to the next!  Having these swaying back and forth in even the mildest of thunderstorm is a little nerve racking.   With so many within feet of the house, it was bound to happen that one or more would fall on the house in the next storm.   There are about eight tree service men in my backyard to do the job.  They are equipped with a bazillion ropes, chainsaws, a few packs of smokes, and great senses of humor.  And one of those cute little diggers.

photo (5)

This little entertainment today had me thinking of woodsy and rustic interiors.

Here are a few inspiring spaces that I just love!!

barnwood and orange

{image: The Little Corner}

barnwood and upholstered bed

{image: Decorpad}

black and white dining

{image: Pinterest}

red bookcase

{image: Pinterest}


{image: Pinterest}


{image: Pinterest}


There’s just something inspiring about the rustic style mixed with modern and chic details.  I’ve put together a bedroom concept, inspired from today’s entertaining events:

OB-Woodsy Bedroom 2

Bed // Bedside Chest // Lamps // Art // Trunk // Gray Pillows // Bird Pillows // Orange+White Pillows //

Chandelier // Striped Drapes

Have a great week!


PS– it was eleven trees officially.  ELEVEN.  Now there’s room for a pool…. 🙂


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