Wine Wednesday

wine wednesday

You’re halfway there!!  It’s Wednesday!!  Wine Wednesday to be exact.  What’s your favorite wine?  Mine is a Malbec.  In particular, this one….called “1” ironically by AntigalAntigal 1 malbec

It pours dark and inky in the glass, with tobacco and leather notes. Dark berry flavors follow.  Simply divine.  I’ve even managed to get my best friend addicted!  And she’s a wine guru!

Remember about five years ago when Pinot Noir was the biggest trend in wines?  Don’t get me wrong, I still love La Crema Pinot but I have a fixation on Malbecs right now.  Malbecs have a dense and dark full-bodied richness that few other grapes besides maybe Cabernet Sauvignon or warm-climate Syrah can mimic.   Although the grape originated in France, it flourishes in Argentina where it just surges.  Their climate allows for the flavors to be polished, structured, and concentrated.   Typical characteristic notes are blackberry, plum, leather, and pepper.  A great partner to a medium rare steak!

In addition to my favorite Malbec, here are a couple of others I recommend that you try:

catena zapata

Catena Zapata

pascual toso malbec

Pascual Toso Alta Reserve

Tomero malbec



Do you have any other Malbec recommendations for me to try?!



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