Pay it Forward


It’s a rainy Sunday here in Little Rock….. so what do most people do?  Watch endless amounts of TV, laundry, reorganize closets or cook.  What do I do?  I go to Barnes & Noble to thumb through design books, magazines and people watch.  Nerd alert!!  Well I’m glad I am that nerd because I was reminded a valuable lesson during my outing.

I ordered the biggest iced black tea they have and proceeded to read (actually look at the big pretty pictures) in the towering stack of design books on my table.  Small table, I might add.  I should grab two when available.  Note to self next time.  Another sign of what was to happen.  I downed my entire tea in no time and reached for the next book and in the process, the venti iced black tea goes overboard in slow motion to the floor.  Yes, I’m that graceful girl in the store that will knock over her drink or turn suddenly and take down an entire display of books.  I’m working on that.  As I jump out of my chair to grab all of the ice off of the floor so no one will walk by and slip, I was greeted by a young girl that seemed to have come out of nowhere and she immediately bent down to help me clean up my mess.  I was speechless.  I owe a great deal of gratitude to this kind girl.  She chuckled and said, “I’ve totally been there!  I worked in a restaurant.”  I laughed and said I had too and that it prepares us for handling messes in public!  

What I got out of today’s random act of kindness was that no matter what you may think of the world, there are always kind actions that go on every minute of every day.  I will do my part to return the favor to someone else.  I hope to make someone’s day like she did mine 🙂


Have a great week!



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